Swordbattle Meetup

I’ve had this idea for a little while, and I thought it could be something cool. I was wondering if maybe there could be an irl meetup for all the top or OG players. Not anytime soon, but in a few years from now idk, but it would be interesting if all the top or OG players got to meetup irl. Share your thoughts on this idea, I’d like to see what people think of this.


ummm… sketchy I live in the US i thought yall lived in canada

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kinda sketchy, my parents would not allow it for like 5 years…


in 2 and a half years im 18 so like… i dont know if i wanna got to a bunch of high schoolers houses for uhm… reasons…

interesting idea but i doubt anyone would actually come

i mean unless i got physical evidence that you arent some creep i aint going and by evidence i mean like pic of face and some from of ID and a phone number to contact you and even then i might not go

it would be so weird for a adult to come to a bunch of 11-16 year olds yall gonna have chris hanson waiting for me as a trap

btw i would not ever recomend meeting with people on the internet just saying(also yall live like 6-10 hours away so count me out till i can drive (got my learners)

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and acol exists

Interesting but im broke i aint got no money for any plane tickets i got 4 years till im 18 so would be complicated

if i go im bring chris hanson

i got 6 years to 18

your 12 ewwww

yeaa i’m 12…

Why dou want to meet up with a group of people that play a game where they stab other people online. I say no. I do wanna meet Gautam tho. Or mitt but i wudnt recognize him


This would actually be really fun… maybe in 10 years, when we are all ‘responsible’ (or not) adults. And then we could meet up in a central point?


meet is not too good

…Would we even still be here in ten years? I mean, I’d hope so, but we’d all have our own lives. I’d probably still be playing though. I have no life, and I probably never will.

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Not everyone live on usa bread


Even ifi didn’t play is be on forum and help with skins for entertainment value in the night