Swordbattle mix n match

Names: cosmic warlord, angel,bread+butter, fishymine,sea,tigerlizzy, the unknown,

Matches: the cosmic bread, sea angel , warlord butter,Lizzy unknown, fishy tiger


Credits : splash bros on YouTube

Bread+butter is his real name

Just edited!

@ANGEL @Sea @gautam @ManagePasswords @bread @TigerLizzycgkck @TheUnknown

These are all the names I used except gautam (I will put you in the next one) please heart it at 5 hearts this will come out every week at 10 hearts this will be edited each day !


I think bread warlord is better than warlord breead

It makes more sense

It was meant to be warlord butter

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what od you mean?


If this gets to 30 like in 5 days i will be overjoyed !!!

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what do you mean