Swordbattle people ranking wave 2 results + wave 3

The winner of wave 2 overall is…

ANGEL with 8.5/10

second place was fish with 7.5/10
last place was cosmic with 6.5/10

The best at pvp is…

ANGEL with 10/10

second place was fish with 6.25/10
last place was cosmic with 5.25/10

the nicest is…

Fish with 8.5/10

second place was ANGEL with 7.5
last was cosmic with 5/10

The most helpful is…

Fish with 9/10

second place was cosmic with 7/10
last place was ANGEL with 4.25/10

The third wave:

Vote for DillonB07 here
Vote for Acol here
Vote for Bread here


when are you going to put yourself into the rankings :flushed:


next time. i want to put myself with certain people, but i wanted to do mods first

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w h i c h
p e o p l e

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you’ll see

wave 5 spoilers

(hint: you and 3RG3R are wave 5)


where am I

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I will be first place


ooh, put me in wave 6 with potatolord!

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who said it was wave 6?

what is this

what abt me??

I have haters lmao
Prob potato and king

Why r there two of nicest?

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Sorry, that’s most helpful, lemme fix that

i thought you would at least be there

Why don’t any of you like cosmic? they were last almost every time!
at least it wasn’t like poor harsh

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I forgot to vote, I actually like Cosmic.

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I did give cosmic high votes but apparently less people did

Patiolord hates me. A lot

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