Swordbattle Shop for v2

Ok so maybe if in v2 the shop had different tabs for different stuff. For example “Coins” I know that the coins for ad is going around but maybe if there is a new tab in the shop where you can buy coins for real money. This could help @gautam get funds for major updates and stuff. And if there is a coin for ads it could also be there.

And what if there were categories for the skins like “People” “Food Items” and many more that would make it easier for people to find skins.

These are a few ideas for v2 let me know what you think.


and also, how about this, a sword shop and skin shop where you can customize the skin u want to wear with the sword you want to put with it

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no p2w tho

some rich guy could buy his way to number one then


There will be tabs for categories of skins not sure about the other things though

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Like i suggested long ago?

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Lol I literally have been waiting for you to say this you have pushed for this like 2 times

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maybe you cant buy exp for money but coins that dont affect the exp and also adds for coins is a great idea cuz it would fund and noobs like my brother could get stuff

I agree with coder, you want me to add this when I get the shop done or you?

I known how to do JavaScript- with Rep-lit.

No it would not give any advantages and its only for skins it does not affect your rank

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