Swordbattle V1 Glitches

Here are a couple of glitches that I found in Swordbattle V1. Knowing that players might exploit these glitches, I kept these secret from other players, except for a few friends (namely Angel).

Also by the time I discovered these, V2 was releasing really soon, so I didn’t bother asking gautam to patch them.

(Also disclaimer in case people may be wondering: I never exploited these glitches. The few times that I did do these glitches, it was for the sole purpose for showcasing them.)

Cycling Through Evolutions

The first glitch was a way to still cycle through evolution abilities, even after the evolution glitch was patched. I noticed that a few times, my ability would randomly switch on even after I evolved. Usually, the moment you evolve, your current ability would get turned off. But after spending a bit of time messing around to see if I could see what caused the glitch, I discovered that if you continue mashing the G button while you evolve, your ability would stay on even after evolving:

Increased FOV

I accidentally discovered that doing Ctrl + - (shortcut for zooming out) on the death screen could also increase your field of view. You could see almost the entire map by doing this. This was discovered pretty close to the end of V1, and it’s hilarious to think that this glitch was discovered so late. Honestly, it’s probably for the best, since players could have definitely exploited this glitch to find purple chests around the map so easily.

Here is ANGEL’s screenshot when she did the glitch with max level Juggernaut. The death screen covered the entire map, and you can see really far out beyond the map.

Side note: During Swordbattle V2 Beta, zooming out while in-game increased your field of view. I thankfully was able to discover it and let gautam know so he could patch it.


Woah, I never knew about these. Especially the map one is so cool. So yea that’s basically what’s behind the green void… more green tiles. I couldn’t figure out how to make a void so I just made a rectangle outline with a huge border lol and make the map infinite


You can increase fov in v2 by using ability and duing

also if you use ability then make ur window size smaller it increases fov a ton (prolly should be patched)

do you know if at some point, anyone managed to somehow glitch into the infinite tiles?

No its not possible because the locations are checked each tick and makes sure you’re within the bounds. The only way it might remotely be possible if the server is really lagging and you get lucky

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