Swordbattle v2 challenges part 3!

Ok, I am having exams this week, and you guys probably have to study for them, so im doing something easy.
All you have to do is get 1k coins.
You don’t even have to post your death screen, just the amount of coins you have, though you can post your death screen if you want to.
The challenge is based on speed, so first to post will win and so on.
(This is like the easiest thing I could think of while it still not being luck, so please do the challenge) Bottom 2 is eliminated
Current competitors: Shadowblade 𝕱1𝕹𝕹 3̸̨̭͕̩͆̎͆ЯᎶ3̶̝̦̗̭̭̑Я Number1 KILLEN Darkshayan ʞᴉllǝɹ Lewcantoucan-107 SKILZZZ Limm coolguy53 Reyansh Wasd NMV_PenguinLord561 012mds
Challenge ends Wendsday.

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of course when I leave forums this is posted


Cant compete im not even on anymore


Edit: Don’t mind the edits, it was from when I was playing arras and baiting people

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Don’t worry, there will be an even easier challenge next time.

Ok, 3̸̨̭͕̩͆̎͆ЯᎶ3̶̝̦̗̭̭̑Я,Darkshayan,Lewcantoucan-107, SKILZZZ, Limm, Reyansh,012mds did not do the challenge so… First of these to comment on the topic is safe, the rest are out.

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