Swordbattle's War and Peace (A novel by ColoredHue)

Now the forum wars have ended it is time for me to write a story so younger generations of forum-goers remember what we had to go through, and be grateful…

No. 1

It was long ago, swordbattle was born, there where two partners who worked side by side to keep the community safe. The eldest was Mitblade and the youngest, who was the leader, CoderGautam. CoderGautam worked on nurturing swordbattle, while Mitblade worked on keeping the community safe.

No. 2

One mysterious day, Mitblade left his job. He abandoned swordbattle and it’s community. To this day, we still don’t know where he went… CoderGautam, acting responsibly, appointed new people to take the role of Mitblade. These new members where called Mods. These mods fulfilled their jobs at keeping the community safe, this pleased CoderGautam.

No. 3

Even though he has mods to replace CoderGautam, he was very upset. While he was mad at his friend for leaving, he was also sad for his loss. CoderGautam knew appointing more mods wouldn’t help him, so he did something inconceivable… He created the forum.

No. 4

The forum was a place where the community could thrive. They frolicked in the the new place, talking about swordbattle, their kills, xp, rank, and more. CoderGautam was finally happy. Together, with his community, he planned a celebration. He called it swordbattle v2. The community was excited about v2, being the biggest change to swordbattle in it’s history! All was well that night…

No. 5

Mitblade returned. Everyone was shook by his re-entry, he had been gone for years! Now he was back, and in the forum of all places. He looked to his left, and then to his right. “My my my, what a pretty place you have here.” said Mitblade. CoderGautam, who was the most shocked by this, didn’t know what to do. In the end he gave Mitblade Superior Mod, making him in charge of most of the forum.

No. 6

But it wasn’t enough. Mitblade was only 2nd in command of the forum. The only one above him was CoderGautam. He wasn’t satisfied with this, he felt he should be in charge of the forum. He’s been he from the start! (Even if he left midway through.) Mitblade quickly started a petition. He recruited people to follow him. His goal was to gain more followers than CoderGautam and take over the forum. But it didn’t work. The whole thing died down rather quickly, leaving Mitblade defeated. Mitblade was furious.

No. 7

During Mitblade’s rage, he devised a plan. To bribe the community to his side. 6.9 Million coins were offered, gaining him many followers. Propaganda was spread, hatred between the two groups grew. And all this time CoderGautam couldn’t help but watch in horror as his dream and his friend were being taken away from him.

No. 8

During the chaos, some side communities started recruiting people. The Anti-Mitblade was the biggest, being against Mitblade, but not directly for CoderGautam. Then there was some smaller ones like the Anti-Anime alliance and the Kirby clan. These side communities worsened the conflict.

No. 9

After a while, the forumers were getting tired of the drama. They wanted it to end, as soon as possible. Quickly, more and more of the community left Mitblade, being the center of the chaos, and chose CoderGautam as their leader. The money meaning nothing to them anymore, preferring their rightful leader over a lousy tyrant. The great, prophetic, glorious HarshitT came to settle the whole conflict. He asked the simple question: CoderGautam or Mitblade. After much consideration, the forum chose their leader, CoderGautam.

No. 10

On that day, everyone rejoiced! The war is over, and CoderGautam won! It was a great day for many, however Mitblade wept silently. He lost, his rightful ownership of the forum was fiction. He didn’t know what to do. While he was packing his belongings, CoderGautam came over to talk to him. “Were u going?” CoderGautam asked. “I’m not sure yet. But I’ll figure it out.” said Mitblade. After much thought and consideration, CoderGautam finally responded, “y leave?” Mitblade didn’t want to cause any more war for the forum or did he?.. but he couldn’t urge himself to leave again. CoderGautam finally raised the question, “Could’nt u stay here?” Mitblade pondered whether he could… He marched back to the forum and everyone cheered! CoderGautam and Mitblade were friends again, and the forumers were joyous. Everyone celebrated. CoderGautam almost began work on swordbattle v3 because of the celebrations, but he decided not to because v2 wasn’t even finished yet. The next day, Mitblade looked into the sky as it began to snow, he smiled, for he had much to be grateful for.


(Note: This is not an accurate representation of what really happened, it’s just a fun little story based upon the recent events of the forum.)


i skimmed through the passage and ik its something about mitblade and codergautam because those are the words i see IN EVERY PASSAGE


its a story about the conflict between CoderGautam and Mitblade
You should read it! (It’s a real page turner)


I’m glade this is here I thought you went crazy

Loved it!

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