Swords and trades suggestion

I have an idea of having different swords in the game, some have a bit better reach and some others like the basic one have a low reach
and im having an idea of having to trade them for coins like in roblox

i saw people think about the trading idea a lot and i think it would be really fun

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You should be able to:

gift people coins
Upgrade health
upgrade damage
upgrade speed

Ps. of course all upgrades must cost an exorbitant amount of money like 5 times u can upgrade and first upgrade costs like 1m so on

i think upgrading is way too far


not too much just some

Gifting coins is something that will be added, not sure about any of the other things

maybe like add 5% for each upgrade so 25% added in the end
and for each upgrade is 1m more expensive than prev

No Iā€™m not adding this as it will make the game unbalanced for new players

big rip