Teaming nowadays

LOl what do you say

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Next time when anyone sees the player “I Team”, don’t team with them!!


i may have done that once in my defense i ever said i was teaming

When I see someone whose name is “pls don’t kill me” you guys know wht I do next:)


yes do IT

yep i love it when people have the name angel killer or zarooma killer just to be murdered

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So far, everytime someone has tried doing that to me, they die to someone else.

I may be bad, but I have karma on my side

also dont team with lets team

kill hi he/she is so annoying

You do realize this is just a meme right??

ya so?

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ok only 1 time fine maybe like 78 times but were not gonna talk abt that

Yes I know


when i about to kill someone and they please dont kill me i feel so bad

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i feel better about what im doing when that happens

tbh few of the ppl that are here are because i let them team and they got to know forum and stuff

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