This story is inspired by the amazing stories by Max. Mine is not that good, and I have a different writing style but please read it.

The year is 2032. Technoblade has been revived due to new technology and he is now the world’s biggest gamer. But… he was bored of playing Minecraft. He wanted to play a different game. He went on stream, and asked his audience which game he should play. A lot of games came, but he randomly chose one. The suggestion was by someone named “codergautam”, and the game was called Technoblade really liked this name, so he went into Google and typed it. It seemed like an actual game, and he joined.

Right when he joined, the server was filled with people from his live stream. While most of them tried to team with him, many pesky players wanted to kill him so they could watch him die in the stream. Since swordbattle v2 was already out this time, the server could handle over 10,000 players at a time. Most of these were just annoying and would get killed easily. However, some hard-core guys would try to kill him, because killing famous players made them feel special.

Technoblade had a hard time getting used to the controls, since there was no tutorial. After a few hours he managed to learn how to use the sword properly, but that did not stop him from being killed. He mostly died by other famous players who knew how to use their swords well. These guys were faster than him as well, so they attacked him first and then ran away to enjoy watching him die.

But this is Technoblade, he will never give up. After 6 hours, he finally got the hang of it. He was basically invincible now, timing his hits perfectly and getting infinite comboes while making sure he didn’t get hit by anyone else. This made him quite popular, and even some of the high leaderboard players started to respect him. His goal was simple. He needed the world record. After a while, he stopped streaming. Him and some of his friends teamed to help him get to #1, a record which was 10,000,000 coins by Acol.

This seemed nearly impossible to beat, but this is Technoblade, the guy who beat cancer. No stupid swordbattle player can stop him. And so he grinded, coin after coin. Enemy after enemy, clangs and thuds all around him. With his friends, he was impossible to beat. When suddenly, Acol himself showed up. This surprised Technoblade and his team, and they decided to challenge him. Acol wanted blood, he didn’t want anyone to beat his world record.

He quickly got a million coins, while Technoblade was at 9,000,000. Then Technoblade ordered his team to attack immediately. They weren’t as good as Acol though, and his friends quickly lost to the master swordsman. It was just Techno and Acol now, it was going to be very close. Technoblade swung first, missing his target completely. Acol thought for a moment, took a deep breath, and prepared himself. He blocked every single attack coming towards him. Then, he got into attack mode. He had been waiting for this moment since he started playing this game, and he wasn’t going to let it slip from his hands.

He hit Technoblade once, twice, thrice. He kept hitting him, and hitting him, and then he finally got him to 1% health. This is over, Technoblade thought, while suddenly, a voice inside his head said “Don’t lose your cool.” He threw his sword at Acol, a perfect hit that pushed him back far enough for Technoblade to collect coins. He used all his might to collect coins, and he finally did it. 10,000,000 coins! Acol was so mad he just disconnected right then and there.

He yelled “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”, and collected all of Acol’s coins boosting him up to 11,000,000. He had done it again. Technoblade become the world record holder, a status he would not lose for decades. He uploaded a video on this incident, which quickly started trending and he became even more famous.



only if this were true… o7


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Nice story, great job.


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