Tell me what you know about pvp

I just joined the community so i don’t really know much, so i would love tips on pvp and I am desperate for ways to get richer and climb up the leaderbroad faster. Tell me below. (one tip = one joke or one song)

I know that already, but thanks. wanna hear a joke?

Play on late on eu

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do u want a reward?

I guess

a joke or a song?

says the clown

Song :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

lol, y is your name acol

heres your song copy and paste it

didnt i tell you this already?

you didnt, i want tips not useless talk :yawning_face:

do you like the song?

acol is gay

i have a gf do you?

A=A C=Cow O=Of L=loser

topic is getting off-topic. closing for now.


Don’t even…