Texture packs?

so, the overall look of swordbattle.io is very consistent. there are always the same grass, tree, and border textures…(except during seasonal changes), and the look is pretty recognizable.

but today i asked myself a question…what if we, the players, could have our own texture packs? what if we could import textures to use as our own versions of the tiles?

this way, people’s game could fit to their skin and/or setup, and be clean as well as functional to the user’s mind.

after all, what i like in a game’s visuals doesn’t have to be what others like, so texture packs would be the perfect compromize. and for example, though the current visuals are awesome, it would be cool to add some customizability to it.

it is also relatively easy to do so, and can even be coded so that others can even make textures that others can use and import with one click.

so, what do you guys think?

Bro you think swordbattle is minecraft ong bro

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Fr, next thing you know he’s asking gautam to add mods to swordbattle

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Not a good idea. Swordbattle will be pretty customizable when v2 comes out. I don’t see why we should do it further.


The only useful thing this could be used for is previewing skins in-game before uploading it as a topic, but that should just be a thing in the game anyway. It’d be so useful


You can already do this but I can’t find it @Undefeated_zarooma told me so ask him

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If you mean hosting your own version and changing images and adding new things to the shop yes but I think he means the main game that only changes his side

Yeah cause I’m too lazy to go out of my way and do all that hosting stuff I just want it in the base game as a preview system

Yeah b that’s why I doubt that is what this dude was talking about

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