Tgfb 14: Tricky

(Pvp tips)
Time your hits and while you’re doing that make sure to throw your sword so the opponent doesn’t heal.
If your opponent is a warrior make sure that you aren’t near the walls and also make sure tht their back is facing towards the wall so when they do their power up they won’t be able to trap you.
I recommend the wasd keys so u can trick ur opponent.
The strategy I use is the far range strat where u just throw ur sword a lot and sometimes get near your opponent to hit em and move a lot so when u r far from the opponent they will more likely to miss throwing their sword at you
Or if you’re lazy like me just use the 40k glitch and trap ur opponent in a corner or wall

also @Hamm here r some tips to improve your nooby pvp skillz :grin:


my tips are better lolsss

Shush mortal I could beat u in a 1v1 rn

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Tag ham

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I alr did:|

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Mees with me mum again i dare ya

7.5 points.

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arent u out of tfgb

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She rejoined.


Yea wht glaceon said I came back from the dead


harsh you need to keep up lol

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im better

wait angel is potato’s mum???

ain’t no way you bringing all of them feb topics @penguin

It’s been so long that I don’t remember posting this topic :skull:


i don’t even remember seeing these topics :skull:

If i remember correctly Angel is my great grandmother, potato adopted kitty who was dating flare and flare adopted me, demonrobot and darkwolf

I married her son at the time which made her my mom THEN we broke up but I wanted her to stay my mum cuz she da best then I got remarried to desert and he just died I guess

woah woah- wait… can someone draw me a family tree here??