TGFB 20: No more teams!

I feel like after 20 episodes, something big has to go down, so teams are gone, meaning you are fighting for your own safety only, and your challenge is to redraw this image as a skin:
Moon Lord - Terraria Wiki

Deadline is saturday! Go!


Wait its still going on? What did i miss?


How many people are left?

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Like 52 thousand eliminations, and for @UNglaceon8, 10 remain

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top 10

your running out of challenge ideas arent you

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Oh yeah, I almost forgor…

@UNglaceon8, @Undefeated_zarooma, @ANGEL, @dev3x, @bread, @Frager201, @Hue, @Slapadabass, @ManagePasswords, and @DOOMSLAYER, Congrats for final 10!


no, I need labour, I don’t wanna make the skin myself


try to get the victory royale @UNglaceon8

still, i feel like your running out of ideas, i mean hey, if you ever need more ideas, im good ideas

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I’m not running out, buddy

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i did make that one funny challnge that one time

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i will give the winner a half eaten pickle and 4 sticks i found on the ground yesterday

Ill try.

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I give them placements on s illy page

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and also half eaten pickle and sticks

also ust sayin i dont think a moonlord skin would be allowed in the game without the re-logics permision

its not for the game its for tgfb

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okay, I can still use it for my concept page, also, terraria is under CC, not Copyright

not true

Terraria content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Re-Logic