TGFB 22: history class

Oh here we go cya next hour of me typing

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lol, same, I’ve been doing that for a while now

At this rate I’m getting nervous my 9 might not be good anymore :skull:


How I first came across swordbattle was Replit a bit more then a year ago I think I’m the fall I had been looking for a coding website sense school blocked my last one and a 7th grade friend now 8th grade friend told me about Replit that I proceeded to spell wrong and instead find a gambling website then I asked again and got it right made a account and started messing with html a few days later something appeared on trending a new cool game called so I went ahead and played a few weeks later I got my high score of 60k can’t remember exact number and saw scout for the first time and got absolutely destroyed from him with a amazing 90k making him take up most the map in truth I didn’t see him I just saw a giant sword taking up most of my screen I then saw a reply on the Replit post that I agreed with it was about auto clicker sense there was no click cool down back then they where the bane of your life literally it could be like one shot worthy and who commented on both are replies coder himself saying there is a way to stop and it will be added short terms I’m to lazy to go though Replit reply’s to find exact words around that time I looked at that code and got the name of all the skins so I could use them cause shop was not a thing yet you would just type a certain name in and then that would be your skin so most the time I was devil but stuck with ranger more often cause I was reading the rangers apprentice series also I played with my friend sizaly scalap he has not played in over a year himself dose not have account ether but was fun to kill during are flex class also on replit I posted my own extremely bad skin coder commented but then stoped and I just kept playing for a few more months but then I found eagler craft and was hosting servers for the school and making mini games eventually it got blocked so I just hosted small server for some friends keeping it quite and sword it self was blocked cause some kid saw that a bot had same name as a teacher not knowing it was a bot so then I just played zombs royal on proxy sense sword just was to laggy and some a couple weeks I don’t know exact time I used proxy to go to sword a played a game then realized there where accounts I also saw chest in the game making getting coins a buch quicker still slow but let me get enough to buy chef skin quickly and saw a new skin sythe worth 5mil with zero buys I then logged off went home and didn’t play till next year and when I came back there where a ton of new stuff such as fourm still haven’t joined bushes and you could throw your swords oh and the biggest of all evols the berserk and tank evol at 5k and samurai and knight at 20k I played some on the new link that I found and eventually joined fourm and stoped being lazy and joined the discord but then forgot my acount pas and could not log back in till I got phone and made account there now back to the past on joining the fourm I just well looked around looked at upcoming skins and other stuff not much didn’t talk much ether I think my first post here was a general post a category that is now gone and all the post in it thx dare and king and others but the post was q/a back then crefy did lord of thouse I also made my first topic around that time in witch I asked about how xp worked for acounts in witch acol replied the answer for me I told him I got 100k he told me I could do better so I more or less worked to get high score in that time I meet angel in game and a buch of other players loler I met though angel he definitely came a long way in PvP sense then same as tosti I also met cosmic who say I had 100k I told angel I looked tasty and he wanted to eat me /: I let them talk hoping I was safe and went to get coins in witch cosmic and angel came back and attacked me and I ended up on the other side of the map In a corner pretty much screwed I also so dev that week but we just fought but there where two of him or two people on his account I assume though he was the big dude who killed me i ment bread latter two and eventually I had had some problems I just was getting kicked randomly I saw it happing to other people and made topic on it witch then whent on a whole thing that made coder swapping to websocket of and the new evols wheee released a bit before I reported and he had to get rid of thouse for a bit but I did get to meet coder in the game I also got cool dude badge that week and dev a little bit latter made chest update idea oh also up when I meet angel and cosmic after they killed me and left I went and got a 400k run and got on leaderboard and I think the rest is obvious I got top 100 top 50 and so on so I think this raps up my history in short with swordbattle


Your welcome

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Oh my god

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That’s why I wanted angel out she was my biggest competitor and for this she would be good rival where both old user in the game except she was here for summer so she would have more to tell


Oh I forgot a funny thing that happens in one of my post on fourm I said I like to backstab and we’ll this dude saw it while I was teaming with wither and dev I think and it was like a team of 8 and all of them but dev and wither tried to kill me XD and the dude who said it was not even my target it was a knight but I nearly dude cause of him I still laugh about it if it wasn’t for dev and wither I would of been scrwed


K my fingers are dead now I’m done

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How long did that take you to write?

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Around a hour I think and 20 min not the quickest typer

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dedication :woozy_face:

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Eh not my longest post or thing I posted that it took longest was finding the users of the skins in the game

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I forgot you played them to you where a bit busy with Wendy’s though

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idk i just joined about a month or so ago and i suck at the game thats all i got

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someone told me to play and i misspelled it and brought this up

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My Timeline

May 2022 "The First Look"

I’ve used replit for a long time now and I’ve seen a fair amount of things on trending, but when I saw swordbattle, I just ignored it and thought is was another boring io game somehow on trending. I left it alone for a very long time.

I had seen on replit, but never thought anything of it, till one day, I decided to try and play it. I soon found that it was actually kind of fun to play, and starting doing it more often. I still had no account of course, but my favorite name to use was a lenny face ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I remember seeing HUGE players like ManagePasswords and ANGEL and they were so good and I wondered how anybody could do that good at this game.

At this time the game was still fairly new. There were no evolutions, but there were chests, and you couldn’t get as big as you could in the early versions.

Then I started getting into the xp grinding phase. I began staying up late playing swordbattle. I can still remember the sound of the endless beeping of the coins while I mindlessly killed bot after bot… But one thing I do remember is that I thought I was really good at the game because I was killing all the bots super easily, and I thought they were real players at the time :laughing:.

Anyways I soon had 500k coins and I decided to be done for the night. When I checked on the leaderboard I had gotten a HIGHSCORE and this was when things really kicked off. For a while, you could still see the score on the leaderboard, a 500k score by the username ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

May 10, 2022 "The Start"

On May 10, 2022, I create an account known as bread+. This is the same account I still use today. Things started out slow, but I began gaining xp really fast. One night, I had gotten all the way to 800K COINS
and then I decided to get off because I thought that that was the high score. When I checked the leaderboard, I was JUST 200k underneath Scout;)'s highscore, and I realized that it wouldn’t have taken me much longer to get the extra 200k and beat it. So that’s exactly what I did.

I also joined the swordbattle discord around this time.

May 11-21?, 2022 "My Grand Entrance"

One night I finally decided I was going beat Scout;)'s score. I got set up and began grinding. This was a time when almost NO ONE was ever on, so it was all bots. I got to 100k, 200k, 500k, 700k, 800K!, 990K, and FINALLY I got to 1 Million COINS!!! I decided to keep going for a bit and then eventually got off. One funny thing that happened though, was that I still thought that bots were real players, so after I got 1 million coins I stood around waiting for a “player” to kill me, but none of them would so I just assumed they were all scared after I had kept killing them over and over again all night so no one even tried to kill me.

Soon after this I went onto the swordbattle discord and I posted the picture of my 1 million coin score onto the discord. This was how I became friends with some of the OG players and how I got to know everyone. I would go on the discord sometimes and I got familiar with some of the people there. I remember Nukezilla, print(“Tyler”), Fishymine ( @Fish ), and A bunch of others.

I kept grinding and soon I was even top THREE in the world!!!

Also the origin of the 100k Challenge started on the swordbattle discord and I made it into a topic here on the forum.

May 22, 2022 "The Forum"

I joined the forum on May 22, 2022 and my first post was in this topic Over 3,000,000 XP I was pretty active. I played a lot and I was on the forum a lot. I actually used to be active. I know, it’s weird right? I made a few skins…

I also posted my 100k Challenge onto the forum so it was more official. It is my most viewed post I think.

Summer 2022 "The Big Grind"

I kept on grinding some more, but not as often and held my place as number 3 for a while until @dev3x came along. I remember he caught up to me and we were always going back and forth like Manage and ANGEL. I also made magician skin at some point I think. Acol came in sometime here too and just blew everyone out.

At some point here I also suggested a change to the coin drop equation and now you can get more than a max of 20k from one kill :smile: I also invited my friend to start playing and taught him how to pvp. My only irl friend in this game. You know who you are (:

IDK lol "Decline"

I started realizing that I was playing too much and too late at night so I slowly became less and less active, and then I took a few weeks off from swordbattle. I eventually came back, but have never been as active as I used to be. I feel like it is better this way though. Also I was losing my place fast and I was in #5 already.

Also I started making swordbattle 3D WHICH IS STILL GOING TO HAPPEN DON’T YOU WORRY

2023 "I've Settled"

I decided I wouldn’t play as much and I am more active now, but many other new players were gaining xp FAST, and soon Loler caught up to me and then after that w` did too and now I am #7 and I will probably stay.

I plan to stick around the forum and play every once in a while, but not as much anymore. Also end of school year is tough with craziness going on.

Other Notes

People I Met Who I Don’t See Anymore

  • mastergary
  • sea
  • nukzilla
  • l||0||l (on discord)
  • e
  • birdnerd
  • Tosti
  • emotional damage
  • Wosly (snek)
  • a few others I cant remember ;-;

My favorite memories

  • the first time seeing Manage Passwords and the other big players
  • my first ever 1m coins
  • meeting Scout;)
  • being #1 for most coins in game
  • Being #3 in the world
  • Meeting zarooma and staying up late just talking about randomness
  • Having my friend join the game.

The saddest moment though was when Sea left swordbattle ;-;

Wow that took way too long and that’s not even all of it :face_with_spiral_eyes: but I’m done for now.


and what the thing that had like one million dropdowns didnt take too long

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