TGFB 22: history class

Todays challenge is simple, create a timeline or history of you on swordbattle and the forum

  • you cannot lie
  • you can exagerrate
  • Deadline is thursday



who is still in, again?

Name Placement Challenge 20: Challenge 21
zarooma 6th 4th
angel 11th 2nd 9th (Eliminated)
dev3x 8th 9th
bread 8th 1st
frager201 8th 9th
Colouredhue 4th 7th
slapadabass 1st 6th
manage 12th 8th (Eliminated)
Glaceon8 3rd 2nd
assasinator 5th 4th
KILLEN 7rd 8th
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me joins
say im a ****
claim to be the anime god
change it to anime goddess after consideration
everyone hates me
spams anime gifs
me gets banned 3 times a day
gets trust level locked
joins everyday to bully a few people
figured out mute glitch
(end of today)


woah, i didnt know you could do that in the forums!


ugh, so many people…it’ll probably drag on for like another month

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I joined when you could get the winter skin by having your name a “winter.” I played for a bit, got bored, and stopped. A while later I found out you could make custom skins for the game, I wanted to give it a try… So I joined the forum, made a skin, and posted it. It was the Sus Skin. :skull: After that I made a lot more skins. During Halloween I made one of my best skins, the pumpkin skin. It got added into the game during the Halloween event. Then I kinda made more skins. During this time, I slowly stopped making skins as much as I used to. And now I’ve stopped. During that time I’ve met a lot of cool people and done cool things.

Honorable Mentions:
Snek: Being Cool
Slapadabass: Also being cool, and is great at making skins.
Hamm: Pretty Cool, I even joined TGFB.
Zarooma: Cool person in general.
ManagePasswords: Adding my skins into the game. (Thanks!)

That’s all I can remember. I’m still pretty active on the forum despite not posting many topics. I want to thank everyone on the forum for being cool. (Cause you’re all very cool. :sunglasses: )


7 points


how many i get :l


0 >:]


O great i did better then you i was scared for a second whew -5 was a scary score to beat


I joined SB a while ago, my friend introduced it to my best friend, and my best friend showed it to me. We loved playing it together, and some of my friends got pretty good at it. Then, I kind of forgot about it. I left for about 3 months. But, one day, I was looking through my search history, and found it. I thought, I’ll give it another shot, and joined. I was surprised by so many new skins and these new chests, and I became into it once again. I had seen the little pop up that said you could make your own skins, and I ignored it for a while, but one day I decided, why not? And I joined the forum. I got hooked in by all of these new people and this thriving and nice community, so I stayed. I made my first appearance here with the two swords I made, the “Take Aim” sword and the Viking axe(remember Hamm? You were one of the first people who really hooked me in here when you asked me to make that axe, so thanks) and you guys really seemed to like those, so I made the clef skin, and many others after that. I then enrolled into TGFB, cause I thought it’d be fun(I was proven right) After staying for many more months and having some more fun, I was brought into my first mod election, which I was surprised with(sorry bread :( you deserved it more than me, tbh everyone on there deserved it more than me lol) so I helped with stuff, stayed active, and now I’m here today. Thanks for reading :slight_smile:
Special thanks to:


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Nice, thanks!


When I first joined the forum I just wanted to post a skin but then I made a skin with Slapadabass and I thought hey I am going to stay on the forum because then I can be a part of the swordbattle community. after a month I just was on it in almost all my free time and when I was not on it I was on swordbattle. Then I joined TGFB and I got on the forum as much as physically possible.

Thanks Slapadbass for keeping me on the Forum
Thanks Hamm for making TGFB


This is going to be some tough competition.
Good thing i am good at writing!


My friend introduced to me i was hooked one day i saw a tab called make a skin i clicked it i created an account @mlgkidc54 it needed verification i came back the next day and logged in with google it created a new account i never knew i was a alt. I made a few friends @ANGEL @anon43577364 and a few more was blocked a friend gave me a proxy I played and Played i got ranked i kept grinding then made a lot of friends. @anon43577364 was perm banned i was sad I joined a forum he made. I found love @SkyForge coder nuked the forum. @SkyForge joined forum My friends joined the forum we were having fun I was perm banned by choice but a mod unbanned this account my friend @anon44214108 was banned he mass ban evaded then was perm banned my other friend @Undefeated_Bald-DR was perm banned i was lonely i lost my friends my other friend @Manny was perm banned i was sad my boyfriend @SkyForge and i had a fight and broke up. I gave my account to @Undefeated_zarooma

Special Thanks To.
@ANGEL @Undefeated_zarooma @anon44214108 @Undefeated_Bald-DR @anon98219255 and a few others.


just doing it for fun


Joined forum Oct. 18th
Talks on forum for a while
Pings everyone and gets silenced
Gets trust level 1 after a while
Talks some more on the forum and makes PM’s
gets trust level 2
Participates in TGFB
Goes through the many rounds
Talks on forum until christmas break
Continues TGFB
Doesn’t get TL3 for 6 months
Get’s TL3 after coder removes the silence from my account
Thats all i know right now


Chapter 1 The battling menace

Well, it all started when me and one of my friends (let’s call her T) were in school one day, bored. Then my other friend (Let’s call him E) went up to us and said “hey, wanna see this game that I have been playing”? E then gave us a basic overview of the game and we thought it would be pretty fun, so we started playing and soon became addicted. This game was called

Chapter 2 Attack of my boredom.

However, there was one problem. Me and T SUCKED at pvp. Because of this the 2 of us decided to quit. E was determined, though and eventually managed to persuade me to get back on. (T did not) However I still sucked at pvp. To keep me on, E showed me this thing called skins, and that people just like him and me could make them. I was overjoyed, as I could finally contribute something to the game, so without hesitating, I signed up for an account on the forums.

Chapter 3 Revenge of my laziness

I had created the four seasons skin, (Nov 12) the Book skin (Nov 14) the chess skin (Nov 22). However, I began to rush the skins which caused the quality of said skins to decrease. Eventually I quit skins altogether as they were not that fun for me. My last good skin was the solar system skin which was made sometime in December.

Chapter 4 A new competition

To make things even more worse E left the forum sometime around this time period. I was thinking of quitting when I saw something interesting called the TGFB. When I was younger I was obsessed with this show called BFDI, and seeing the parallels between the 2, I signed up. It turned out to be the reason that I am here today.

Chapter 5 (Cant think of a title)

Throughout the month of January I was pretty active, but I did not comment on many posts. Thus when the February mod election came around, I realized that I needed to contribute more in order to become an active user. I had created the sword battle forum tournament, commented on a lot more posts, and (I think) have become a more active forum user.

Chapter 6 What will the future hold?

Overall I have definitely grown since November. I have several goals in the future including, getting back into skin-making, contributing to the games code, and more! I may even try to get an IRL friend to join. I would like to give thanks to:
@3RG3R My former friend for getting me in to sword
@vul @_IK_Assasinator @SHINOBISLAYER My team 2 teammates
and a few more!