TGFB lore: before the competitions

As the mysterious figure saw shadowblade, the mysterious figure greeted shadowblade with a friendly gesture, although shadowblade felt a hatred raging inside the mysterious figure, but i didn’t seem to be put towards shadowblade, but to unknown forces of an unknown place that even shadowblade didn’t know of. But besides that, shadowblade felt that this mysterious figure wanted to help and protect those who were innocent and help those who were helpless.
@Shadowblade, you may continue with the dialogue, but the mysterious figure does not speak at all

@F1NN please climb the spire

F1NN climbs the spire and when he Finally make it to the top he gasps aloud…

I scribbled down on the pen and paper furiously. “Alright, we hit 5 down, and still no more leads”. “I’ll take the next one from here.” I said. “Who’s next?” I inquired. “Gautam. I’ll let you take it from here.” Hamm instructed. “ Gautam, you created, or at least rebuilt this world. Anyway, you have any idea where Shadowblade or nightlyechos is? “ No, but I think I have an idea, they are- to be continued


We will end the lore for right now @Hamm?


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Hey Hamm, When do we start actually competing?


includes some lore, ig (i’m just tying up loose ends)


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