TGFB S1: Should it be postponed

I’m wondering if I should wait until school starts so that yall can be active over the summer instead of being wrapped up in TGFB. I am saying this bc TGFB most likely won’t end till early august so many will be inactive over summer

  • Postpone it
  • Don’t postpone it
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I love how school is considered a thing that can be skipped :+1:

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Maybe you could host a mini episode for the bored people online in the summer

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Eh, @frumpy’s artbattle could easily work (season 2 artbattle when :pleading_face:)

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Yeah, many people will be inactive then.


Frumpy please sooooooon

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During the summer, I have a competition like the swordbattle tournament (Check my posts if you wanna see it) that is planned, but it is based on another tournament, (The og one was based off of March madness, if you have heard of that).


If not at least make some lore posts. Ive been waiting sooo long already…

You’ll have to ask Hamm for lore post release date.

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Ty for the info