...that one styling glitch. (kinda op?)

so today i discovered a glitch that occurs while styling…

flicking, to be precise.

you see, a while ago, i brought up 180s - basically, half of a 360 where you turn back at your opponent when your aim is directly the other direction from your opponnent, therefore turning the style into a flick.

but today, i noticed something about 180s while i was fighting off two people.

they approached me from the front and the back, and when i hit one of them i experimented with a 180…and realized something.

for 1 hit you can register two if you do a 180 so that your sword (still swinging) contacts another opponent.

pretty cool, huh? and kinda op. (should get patched soon tho)

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lol why is it that you post, this long, but almost no one replies lmao

not that long tho :yawning_face:

and its fine i just wanted ppl to know and clearly they do cuz it has 60+ views lol

weird flex but ok

Ye lol

fr thoo