The aftermath of

hey guys, i’m neil.

as has shut down recently, i hopped on the idea to create a game with a similar concept and other creative twists.

∴ i’m here to get your opinion on it:
[1] is there a demand for games similar to (asking this bc there were demands for after it shut down)?
[2] if so, would you personally say this genre of games is enticing to you?
[3] is there already significant monopolistic competition that has met this newfound demand after the dismissal?

again, thanks for spending your time & answering the survey! i appreciate it!

– np


I’ve been a surviv player for like 5+ years and known a lot about it’s ups and downs, tbh that’s what inspired me to even start swordbattle and this place. knowing how giant corps screw up the industry. Frankly I’ve been a surviv player longer than I’ve been a dev lol.

  1. There was for a bit but I think the game itself had a very slow death nobody really cared when it shut down. Like during the final days nobody was really playing it at least not any active community.
  2. Yes, I love surviv and frankly I would def play if there was a good enough remake. I was pretty active on survivreloaded (basically reverse engineered surviv server with official client) until they got DMCA’d by Kongregate.
  3. I think did really well here, there are a few others but I think they all died down tbh without any good community

Gl on your game man, lmk if there is any way I can help!


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