The day has come

I need a profile picture. The one I’m currently using is unoriginal. So, I am arranging a contest. The winner of the contest gets three IOU’s- I HAVE to do whatever you want me to do. You have three days. GO!




Could you tell us about yourself so we have something to work off of?

im a fox furry

ok ;-;

what about your username “Faraway_Flame”
Does this hold any significance to you?

it shows that i used to be happy and carefree all the time, but that time, that excited flame, is not who i am anymore. it’s far, far, far away

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kinda deep sorry

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son stop trying to be old your prob 13

??? no im not

Hmm i furry who is sad…
hehehehehhehehehehehehehehhehe i think i know what they’re gonna do with the iou’s >:)

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im not good at making animals so im going to sit this one out ;/
im excited to see what other people will make though :smiley:


No harm in trying, cmon!

last day guys

Here ya go

i mean i don’t have hair that long but i can always appreciate another devil-vox fan

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so long ago