The epic battle between cvefy and potatolord!

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No offense to any characters in the story, they are purely fictional!

It was a spooky day in It was fall season, and all the trees were orange, the grass dying. But the players were just fine, fighting as usual. This story is about the epic fight between potatolord, and cvefy.

Cvefy landed the first hit, didn’t do too much damage. Cvefy looked like a pumpkin, with a little head atop his body and no arms or legs. His big eyes rolled around as he dodged and leaped to avoid potatolord’s attacks. Potatolord jumped up into the air, then came crashing down on cvefy’s head.

“Ow!” cvefy said. “I can barely see.” He was bloodied and bruised, but still alive. “You’re pretty strong for such a small guy,” he said. Then he threw two swords at potatolord, but they missed him completely.

Potatolord ran across the ground, dodging cvefy’s swings. Then he flipped upside down, threw his sword at cvefy’s neck, tossed him aside.

“Whew, I’m exhausted!” potatolord said. “But I have some tricks left!”

He summoned upon his anime-girls, who were all ready to fight cvefy.

“What is this?!”, cvefy yelled in anger.

The girls attacked cvefy, but he simply ended them with a few hits. Then potatolord summoned an army of demons to attack cvefy.

“Oh no!” cvefy cried. “This battle will last forever!”

He activated his ability.

A giant pumpkin appeared next to cvefy, and it became bigger and bigger until it covered half the map. The pumpkin had three eyes, four arms, and ten legs. A huge mouth emerged from one end.

The pumpkin yelled, “Bring it on! Bring it all on!”

Then it charged toward potatolord.

Potatolord was terrified. “No more!” he screamed, and he dove through the sky.

“Ha ha!” cvefy laughed. “That’s what you get for attacking a pumpkin!”

The pumpkin chased after potatolord, while cvefy raced over to the other side of the map, where potatolord was hiding.

Potatolord kept spawning anime girls, but it made him really exhausted

“Your stupid anime girls are useless against me!” cvefy shouted.

Potatolord stopped spawning girls. The pumpkin was getting close.

“I have an idea!” he said.

Potatolord summoned upon his power armor.

The two met in the middle of the map, and there was an explosion. They both died instantly.

Only one anime girl survived, because she wasn’t in the explosion. She stood up and said, “Thank goodness I’m still alive!”

Then she turned her head, and saw a weird, giant pumpkin chasing her-



:l and that was potatolords waifu the most powerfull of them all she snaped and the pumpkin exsploded to a million peices and then summoned the potatodemon and ruled the world side by side till the end. THE END

i got to say it wasn’t all that but it is ok um btw potatolord is a gal

plus i would EZKY win agianist her

I have beat you so many times

um hm

hus you know I dont take trash talking lightly

No need to fight guys, the ending is in your imagination!

Potatolord is a girl? Oh sorry.

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r these real?

also cvefy is hitting girls

no i am not

and the stroies r fake

yeah I would win scroll up I finished the story


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