The forum battle 1: and the losing team is...

The Fighters! (team 2)

vote for one of the members here:
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does the team do it? or everyone

every one is voting


How in the world are they at the current most votes
I’m not saying who it is but, they are almost guaranteed to get out

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Yikes. Good luck fighters


can you prv message me who it is

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It’s not you, that’s all you get to know


Is it erger?
Thts not who i vpted btw

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ok good

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Why would it be 3RG3R? i can see three people getting votes, but 3RG3R isn’t one of them


Ots either cosmicvul or assassinator then. Wjat happened to @3RG3R anyways?

Actually, cosmic_vul and assasainator have no votes at all!
hat could change before tommorow tho

Well ik ur lying bc i voted one of them…

You did?
oh wait you hadn’t voted yet when i checked

And who wud vote shinobidlayer pitaya and dragon lor. There barely known.AYBR shinobi but prob not

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OOOOOOH i know who it is.

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bro just listed the votes from the first two repliers :skull: :skull:

Ik lol

:skull: :skull: :skull: