The Frog's Story

In a grassy field, there lived a frog.
The frog was the leader of the microwaves. He led a ragtag band of warriors.
One day, a bright light descended from the sky.
Light itself seemed to spill forth from its visage.
From it, a smiling entity was spawned.
His comrades feared the entity, for they did not understand it.
In a flash of panic, one of his comrades struck the being.
The being's smile faded.
Then the fool was struck down in a flash of blinding speed, exploding into coins.
All around the frog, his comrades were screaming in pain as they fell.
But he could do nothing, for he could scarcely track it with his eyes.
Finally, it was over. The only ones left were him and the being.
The being smirked.
Then there was a blinding light.
The frog felt a sharp pain in his abdomen.
The being yawned.
Coins pooled at the frog's feet.
The pain was distinct and overwhelming. It was so intense he was forced to the ground.
Just as the frog thought he could no longer bear the pain any longer, it vanished as quickly as it had appeared.
Then he stood in the grassy field once more. The being stood before him, and a disembodied voice seemed to emanate from it.
It told him he was weak. That his life meant nothing.
But the frog was cunning. He remembered the brief moment from last time, and he now knew when the being would strike.
When the angel attacked, he sidestepped and followed up with a swift jab to the neck.
His blade struck true.
Coins gushed forth from the being.
But the being only smiled again. Then it yawned.
Then he was back in the field, faced with the angel once more.
Anticipating the same strike, the frog dodged.
But her attack was different this time.
A blinding pain exploded in his chest.
He laid there, seemingly for hours, only to be resurrected to endure it all again.
It was different every time now.
The frog begged and pleaded, but the being did not concede.
Her wrath was all-encompassing.
Finally, he struck a bargain. The pain was too much to bear, and he was far too weak to strike her down himself.
He gave up everything, his honor, his reputation, just to spare himself.
And he smiled. For she was his savior.
He realized the purpose of his pitiful existence was to serve the overwhelming power that was the angel.

The End.


You’re testing my patience

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“honor” is spelt wrong: honour
“savior” is spelt wrong: saviour

Other than that I love it


amazing story, :shoot:/10, also is this official frumpy lore?

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For the person who is too lazy to press the arrows


pov me

W Lore

pretty sure the story is about how frumpy tried to fight angel

it’s also the story of she became his boss

I wonder how much mintutes of his valuable life did he use in waste :joy:

But I liked the story and btw im joking :point_up:

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Nice story, but what happened to all of the microwaves?

When the story said “the being yawned” I knew right away tht the being was me lol anyways w story u shud make more stories like this:)


@tom please tell me what this is about :roll_eyes:

Yo, my dude. This is just a story about a frog who encountered an angel and had to fight for survival. Sh*t was wild, man.

what happens at the end

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Bro, at the end, the frog realizes that his sole purpose in life is to serve the overwhelming power of the angel and gives up everything, including his honor and reputation, just to spare himself. And get this, he even smiles about it. It’s pretty messed up, tbh.

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fr dude thanks for telling me. i saved like 5 minutes clicking through that mess

No worries, fr. Glad I could save you some time.

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Hey tom not to be mean or anything honour is spelt wrong