The grand forum battle

Here’s an idea:

A battle between other forum goers

the idea is very simple:

  • A set amount of people will be given immunity for doing good on the games
  • The ones who did, well, not as good, will be up for voting
  • Whoever has the most votes is out of the game
    But don’t worry:
  • every once in a while, there will be rejoins
  • sometimes, rejoins can be from voting for an eliminated contestant
  • but it can also be a mini-challenge between the eliminated contestants, where the winner gets to rejoin
    What will the winner get?
  • the winner will get 2 options:
  • they either get to make challenges for the next one
  • announce who got the most votes during an elimination
  • and as a bonus, they will be put on a special website for the winners

Is this a good idea? Tell me!


Yes, this is a good idea!
The problem would be keeping track of who’s in, and who’s out!


This will happen at some point.

Look out for signups!


Google sheets


can you post it?(and is this like amongus

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i will post it soon.

also it’s not amongus but is a refrence to a fun little show

:) fun

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I’m getting impatient so i’m making the post for it now

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The website probably isn’t going to be connected to Swordbattle in any way. But this is a good idea. Tournaments maybe a future idea for Gautam when V2 comes out.



is this the great furom battle or the survival game form roblox

Lol both

It’s actually based off of this show