The great forum battle 2: and the losing team is

As I was asked to do by many a person, whether in a message or in person
lewcantoucan has caused the DQ of their team. Don’t get mad, please, this is me listening.
You can vote here:


oooo nooo im ready to fight all the teams whenever

What. Why?

Also what r the other team ranks?

Also people DONT eliminate lew

how and why he had 48k non edited and I got 34k in 34 seconds

i got 55k in 30s

i dont know how we did not lose

I had people BEGGING me to make them a dq loss, even soem of my in person friends asked.

U need good reason. Thats not fair if people ask bc yes

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@Hamm i would like to change my vote
i voted for lew but i want to vote for harshit

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Well, when people come up with reasons for me, it works out!

When i go to vote
It says i cant vote

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Wht r the reasons

Some things include:

  • he might as well have been spamming
  • wasn’t he almost kicked/muted over this?
  • he cheated multiple times
    those kinda things
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yo can ya’ll vote tutorials he hasn’t done anything

do you have proof of cheating?

awwwww, i dont know who to vote DXXXX

Photoshop, many people accused him of that

the wheel of names voted for me (for who I wont vote)
the last person safe was… Tutorial.
I made it way more dramatic than it needed to be XD
sorry tutorial :(