The great forum battles 12: and the losing team is...

The Skinmakers with only 7 points

Second place goes to The Blade Bamboozlers with 22 points

First place goes to The swordstrikers v2 with 23.

@ANGEL gets a win token for having the best dish

Vote here:


…Flare’s already gone lol

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Isn’t he only temp banned?

Yes, but he posted in his status, “Thanks to you coder I quit Swordbattle”

oh darn i’ll fix it ig

imagine i get eliminated…

:smirk: who do you think i voted


what my team’s name again?
I forgor :skull:

Swordstrikers v2

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Pls don’t vote me! :pleading_face:
I’ll give you a donut!!! PLS!

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if i get voted out they stupid im the worst on the team

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hen will it be revealed

its most likely gonna be natethemaker, they are saying hes/shes useless

but when will it be revealed

i do not know, maybe tomorrow hopefully

Lets see which mortal gets out:)
Also gl to the person who get eliminated since I went insane in the L.O.L


so you are back in?

tgfb kinda died because u kicked people who was in for example me

Ur literally in…

Assasinator The skinmakers
Quirky_vul The skinmakers
Flare The skinmakers
Spiffycayden The skinmakers
Desertshadow The skinmakers
DOOMSLAYER The skinmakers
MILLION_JELLY12 The skinmakers
Natethemaker The skinmakers