The great forum battles 16: elimination time number 1

Sorry, but for losing the challenge:


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i feel bad for them

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Wait, vul’s still in?

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not anymore!

@DesertShadow ?

No like, (The great forum battles 14: Elimination time!)

uh boss can you talk in the thing i may have deleted it :fearful:

@Hamm its desert not vul

@Hamm Coloredhue is eliminated because he was the eighth member on wasn’t he?

my forgetfulness oopsies

Wait what thing?

No, they agreed to kick lemon when the teams merged

oop nvm Coloredhue is 7 I counted Doom :laughing:

that thing killen made like 2 hrs ago


@Hamm Desert is out isn’t he?

I think so

He isnt up there

Oh well I haven’t really done anything since the team switch up in challenge 8 so I dont mind but it was fun for a bit