The great forum battles 3: truly challenging

The third challenge is to make your own challenge.
The challenge must fit the great forum battle
Put a poll with answers shown
Or, if you don’t want to make a challenge, make an anger skin based off of all the rage from last challenge! Deadline is Friday!

A skin contest

Or a coin grind contest

already did tghat

Ora fastest to reach goal contest


Most XP inn some time

What @HazardYT

how much XP in a day

most KIlls in 5 mins

Each team’s Best player fights, first one dead. The team loses

the whole team gets how much XP in a day, they have to do it that day, and combines it whichever team has the most XP wins.

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The coin grind contest would have to be on saturday? so more people could play. really upping it.

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Swordbattle Quiz!
Question 1:
Who were these skins made by: (Medic, Winter, Flower)

Question 2:
Who is the 17# all time player?

Question 3:
The mitblade skin has what as a sword?

Every correct answer = 1 point for your team.
Spreading answers = -3 points


none are original, all pretty much suck ;/

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based off of a certain quiz from a certain show that hamm knows ;)


what show could that be? :thinking:

what about this. correctly say every top 50 person in order. hard, but satisfying

even i dont know

go team 4 (rip harshit)