The great forum battles 7: Questions answered

Don’t worry, this will be the last form for a while, but it’s SB trivia time!!!

Get the most points to secure victory for your team!

Deadline is monday!



Oh, I got them all wrong.
(I didn’t know you had to put a specific answer O_o)

((also rigged)

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you know how rigged this is for me… my team doesn’t do anything except me i should get like a free card from this… because my team will lose

i feel like Hamm should be put ufe for this atrocious challenge.

Checked and fixed ur scores!

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Skill issue


fine… i guess ill answe the questions and lose lol

you forgor your other teamates o-o

Yeah but they dont do anything only me,

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Your team is not the only one with that issue

cough team 4cough

it’s rigged how am i supposed to know your favorite animal?! im not your sister

The last part doesn’t count towards ur final score

could’ve specified that…


Hamm on page 2 the first question does it have to be a skin that was added to the game or not added?

Not added (yet)

check pms


Manually check my answers

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