The great forum battles 9: And the losing team is...

The losing team is…

Team 4 with 0 points!!
this is followed by Team 2 with 4…
… team 3 with 16 …
… and the winning team, The Blade bamboozlers with 26 points!

vote here


Team 4 will be down to 4 after this…


who is being eliminated>

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See here for results

@Hamm how does team 2 have 4 points???

only skin made was after the due date

I made a mistake and technically didn’t end the challenge until afterwards


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It’s better than a two way tie and i feel like it would be hypocritical to not count it

i guess but if team two ties (in future) they should lose bc of that

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Well, I expected them to excuse my error as a host, so i should be able to excuse their error as a contestant, yes?

well i would just saying considering they were 2 days past and they would’ve gotten a player out but they already have frager gone and none of them do much soooooo

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