The great forum battles: for the DQs

As you know, in this post, many people were disqualified, two of those people wanted to rejoin, so, if they reply at any time to this post before the next rejoin, you will be allowed to go to the pit, instead of being disqualified.


ok if i get knocked out here is my rejoin

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ello, i would like to rejoin, i was very inactive before i was disqualified, but i would like a second chance, and i will be more active and do the challenges this time

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That’s not…

To the pit you go!


thats how it works yaaay

Pls me

You weren’t DQ’ed, you were eliminated, you already can rejoin when the rejoin starts

i am dead

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To the pit.

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ill just break the pit like my mum broke LOL

@ANGEL save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

The pit is a hole in the ground. you can’t break it.

wanna bet

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I’m a host.
I have host powers.
I can creat elimination areas and just put you in an infinite amount of them.

i can just clid out i’ve been moutian cliding before

I’ll make the sides Impossibly smooth

good things i carry sticks

no plz