The Great Forum battles: LOL difficulties

BC I was bored, I made the 7 Eliminated contestants make logos for the LOL, to match challenge 11. ANGEL made the best, so I let them put it on the outside of the LOL, but then ANGEL MADE IT CAVE IN! Turns out that the LOL was above a sinkhole. The LOL is now at the bottom, with no way in, where only i can get them out. meaning nobody else is going to LOL. Instead, eliminated contestants will go to The Pit. Sadly, ANGEL ran away before I could put them back in the LOL, so I guess they can rejoin. @ManagePasswords and the other Swordstrikers, Welcome @ANGEL to your team, starting on challenge 12!


Mrahahah Did you peasants rly think u could put an end to my terror?

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wait, but what about people still in the LOL. will there be challenges for pit?

im desperate! i made a logo but i couldnt screenshot it! i was robbed

No, but there will be ONE final rejoin this season. be careful though, it will be via voting

one last question. can people still in the LOL get back in? or will those challenges be for the Pit.

Yes, The LOLers can get out of the LOL from pit challenges because my teleportation, but nobody can get in as the LOL is covered in debris from the pit :sob:

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noo it wa sad when you were murdered by hamm