The great forum battles: Standings as of now

Name Status Placement Team
Codergautam Out 30th Chaos slayers
Queen_psycho Out 27th(DQ) Chaos slayers
Wesley_Bruckner In Merge Chaos slayers
Liam_butler Out 27th(DQ) Chaos slayers
Spectral Out 27th(DQ) Chaos slayers
DOOMSLAYER In Merge Chaos slayers
Sketchxcoding In Merge Chaos slayers
ANGEL Out 29th Chaos slayers
Dragon_lord In Merge The fighters
Pitaya Out 41st The fighters
Shinobislayer In Merge The fighters
quirky_vul In Merge The fighters
Assasainator In Merge The fighters
Glaceon8 In Merge The fighters
3RG3R Out 27th(DQ) The fighters
Hazardyt Out 26th(DQ) The fighters
Bread In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Dev3x In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Frager201 In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Colouredhue In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Acol Out 28th The Ham(m)lets!
_10duel In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Slapdabass In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Million_jelly12 In Merge The Ham(m)lets!
Lemon In Merge The sworditellers
Tutorial In 27th (DQ) The sworditellers
Flame In Merge The sworditellers
KILLEN In Merge The sworditellers
Harshit Out 31st The sworditellers
Wwaffleteam Out 27th(DQ) The sworditellers
Memz.exe In Merge The sworditellers
Lewcantoucan Out 29th The sworditellers
wasd In Merge The swordstrikers
Cosmicwarlord In Merge The swordstrikers
Spiffycayden In Merge The swordstrikers
F1NN96 In Merge The swordstrikers
Deeez In 27th(DQ) The swordstrikers
Beeboi In 27th(DQ) The swordstrikers
Desertshadow In Merge The swordstrikers
Zarooma In Merge The swordstrikers
Potatolord in Merge Chaos slayers

Point out any errors please!!


kust saying now the only reason i quit is bc i have a gf that i now have to put attention towards,basketball,school,im moving,making more pfps,and a couples other things so yea


Yeah Sam.e I have a gf too. It’s hard to focus a lot on this kinda stuff, so sorry hamlets that I’ve not been participating




imagine having a gf

Imagine not tho

Oof. Must be hard lol

I’m jk

@Hamm both desertshadow and MillionJelly have left our team are we able to combine with team 4???

Oh and vul left us too ):

we only have 4

vul and desert mentioned staying for TGFB, also, when did MillionJelly?

wow i wonder…

He’s not very active because his gf


Imagine not being active because you got a girlfriend :laughing:


Bro i’ve had a gf since TGFB has started, do better my gosh /j

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what dis

we are talking about this

so how old are you tho

older than 13 tho?

off topic, go to pms