The great forum Suggestion!

The Great Forum Battles…

I honestly think that the rest of the challenges/contests should be for the forum for say like build this category of a skin, or something like that because the challenges for can be very easily bypassed and use Photoshop to cheat and stuff, for say if we did forum challenges we can actually see if someone’s lying about their stats or the skin or something.

Also, some people’s is blocked so that wouldn’t be fair to the people who registered onto the teams and just felt bad for making there team lose.



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what? i didnt say no

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Before i start doing that, i think it should be put to a vote:

  • I like Sketchxcoding’s idea
  • I don’t like Sketchxcoding’s idea
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@Hamm looks like i win

Well, it is a good idea, soooo

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sooo the contests will be releated to the forum?




You cant do this without a perspective with no link

Joining this battle I took that challenge and risk

I too had no link back then and I was fine with it and learned to do this battle like that

Salty, as you said to me and angel. (Too bad it has already happend)

know this @anon43577364 if i see u around in sword u know what happens

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