The hit animation glitch. (possible tactic?)

so this is a new glitch, as i have tried this before to find it working like you would expect.

however, i found out just today that there is a new glitch that happens in regarding the hit animations of basically, i was playing in school on a chromebook, which as you guys might know, you can butterfly click with 10 cps on the chrome trackpad.

basically, how this glitch works is that whenever you butterfly click in (on a chromebook, this doesn’t work any other time), the hit animation where your sword moves inwards doesn’t happen, but the actual hits are still there.

i tested this by trying to do the glitch on a chest, and it worked without the hit animations - the chest broke.

now that i think about it, it could be used as a tactic for pvp! for example, you could catch your opponent off guard by using this tactic to get the first hit/combo them.

lemme know what you guys think about this!

Does the opponent see the sword swing or no.

This glitch is extremely old only ogs remember this glitch lol


i don’t think so, i had a friend hop on and they didn’t see it either.

that’s pretty cool. when did the glitch get discovered?

I would say prob around 10 months-1 year ago


Bro it works even if u tap touchpad really lightly

And its a bad tactic ij battle

i’ve tried it, it’s trash

true that’s why it works with chromebooks especially because the chrome trackpad is like super sensitive.

managepasswords, true, not so useful in battle, but can be a good way to possibly disorient your opponent. same for you killer.

imagine being able to play sb on a chromebook

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no its a trash tactic and that all there’s to it

Its just a client glitch where the hit happens but there’s not enough time forthe client to play the animation, not really worth learning other than if you want to impress your friends.


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I never considered it a glitch it happens on phone to if you have enough coins as I have said I’m not lagging on my coin runs to much but I will count how manny actually sword swings go into one animation most I have had is 3 in 1 animation

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