the legacy of joe the walrus

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You monster… you led the warlus to its demise

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I tried saving him :sob:

If you told me that you saw a walrus die in the caves without screenshots I would’ve thought you were crazy

while i was reading this story i got hit by the forum with TAXES

so true

mwahahaha its joe’s ghost,he says stop evading your taxes

but i alway pay and do my taxes never had to deal with the IRS and i just paided my taxes for the month! wait this doesn’t have my name on it these aren’t my taxes!

ruh roh

FuturePearBugTester have you been paying your taxes?

jokes on you i’m the government

you know the government and the IRS are spearte people right?

i’m both

you can’t be both because you can’t have that power without the people voting plus i pretty sure you can only be one

i am the idea of both