The NEW general lore (KIRB-GiggaPoggers wanted me to make it a wiki)

Note: Not all the rooms have been finished. Hue has decided he’s done with the lore, so i am continuing it. This will be the new post for it, and all discussions should be moved here
Doom eternal

The Art room. ㅤΩㅤ



Bunk bed - (Hue gets the bottom bunk, top bunk is empty for whoever wants it)
Table with fish tank - The fish’s name is jeffery.
Slapadabass’s shelf - He sits there most of the time, don’t put him in the fish tank.
Frumpy’s frog tank - He doesn’t like moths so don’t let the moths in the enclosure.
Rug - Very soft, TigerLizzy’s cat likes to sleep here sometimes… (The cat is permitted since it’s cute)
Hole to hell - For doom to go into hell. (The put the hole is here because the house is small.) :frowning:
Security camera - ManagePasswords watches us with the camera


Screenshot 2023-04-20 6.43.04 PM


Hell - Doomslayer’s room. (It’s right underneath the house.)
WASD’s Gun - Uhhh, it’s a gun… Idk what you expected…

Manages Security Room

Screenshot 2023-04-20 6.30.34 PM


Manage’s Chair - Manage sits here all day watching everything that goes on in! (He’s mostly playing it though…)

The Backyard



Lamp - For the moths
Moth - They like the lamp, If they go inside zap them with the bug zapper
Pool - Warning: It’s wet.
Lawn Mower - The person who operated it ran away, and the grass that came with it died, but at least we have it!

The Garage



Warp Star- Gigga stole it from rainbow road
F1NN96 is building something…

Neighborhood Map

Notable Events:
Slapadabass turned into a salad and then into a fish. He dies in a fish tank where he was then turned back into a bass and was electrocuted and dies again. I pushed the fish tank on the floor and slap was put back on his shelf.
The moths started a moth cult. Frumpy doesn’t like it so make absolutely sure no moths get in the art room. If one does make it into the art room you are allowed to use a gun.
Hamm and slap went in the fish tank multiple times, angel went in once too. Afterwards I used Hamm’s money to buy us a pool. I also bought a pool float for people who cannot swim.
Gautam came back!
We’ve set up a lemonade stand to make money. To the far right of the lemonade stand is the wheat fields.
Hue got locked in a basement while a skinwalker who looked like him impersonated him it was eventually defeated by doom, and hue escaped the basement.
Killer brought the among us ship nearby and he is now apart of lore
Gigga moved north for the summer

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New update!
Killer has brought the among us ship nearby so he exist here now!

I moved to the garage and bought a heater, but still spend lots of time in hell with doom

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