The new knight

Credit @Jasper


looks nice i like it

is it added?

Not yet

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The moment u left war started :0

I died too quick from people.

but this kinda look badder then the old one but maybe because of ur trying to make people use a skin with it (like u said)

This will probably be one of the best looking evos, albeit it now looks more like a tank-branching class rather than a berserker-branching one

agreed, although i do think that it does look lighter than the old knight did, so thats good.

Glad you guys liked it


yea its rly nice i really like the feather and framing of the face

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its nice

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btw is this gonna be added in the same update with the Tamer?
or a different one?

I think I might remove iconic Tank or Berserker and use Tank or Knight, berserker can be an option after Knight. It feels more simple to have as a first level evol

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Tank or knight sound like the same thing and the same idea comes to mind of just armor/health so that might be worse, because when I think of tank or berserker I can think of an actual difference with one being armor/health and the other being killing/damage

Just make knight a tier 2 evo from tank because it just sounds right, pretty much no other way to describe it other than it just fits with a tank evo

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Or since knight would make a better tier 1 evo (pretty hard to say it isn’t ngl) then it should be Knight and Beserker, with tank being a t2 evo

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Tank = defense
Knight = offense

still just feels wrong

tank and beserker should stay as tier 1 evols


no never