The one time when me and MitBlade defeated CosmicWarlord

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It was a bright day in swordbattle land, I was desperately trying to grow stronger, but one player was at the top of the leaderboard. His name was CosmicWarlord. I felt the urge to stab him, take all his coins and rule over sword battle land myself. So I set out on my quest for strength. The first thing I did was buy a shiny new Devil skin. That’s how you get stronger right? It worked!

I raced to CosmicWarlord’s army of friends and with a single swipe, cut through them. He had no defense against me as I quickly gained power by destroying his friends. He began to run away from the fight when he ran into a deadly corner that he could not escape from. It was time to end his career, when suddenly he vanished. I knew he would never come back. I had won. In my mind it was the final victory in our epic battle that lasted three days. It was my moment of glory. But then something strange happened.

As soon as I finished cutting down his entire army, he reappeared from behind a bush. I was confused. This wasn’t fair. How could someone be so powerful? Turns out, the person I killed wasn’t CosmicWarlord. The real CosmicWarlord was hiding in a bush, watching the scene unfold.

“Coward!” I screamed at him. “How can you hide like this?”

He laughed. “It’s easy.” He told me. “You’re strong. You’ve defeated most of my soldiers. But you’re still weak. I’m your opposite. I have thousands of coins, and I will win every battle in sword battle land if I choose to fight. Your only hope is to disconnect now.”

I was stunned. Is this the same CosmicWarlord that was hiding in a bush mere seconds ago? I activated my ability, hoping to end him right now and there. But as soon as I did, he threw his sword right at me, hitting me in the chest.

“Ugh!” I cried. My health bar dropped below 20%. His ability was far too powerful for me to counter. I didn’t know what else to do, so I tried to run away. But he was faster than expected and ran too, leaving me running around clueless what to do.

Then I got an idea, to end him. I sent a message to my friends to come help me defeat the enemy. They were confused as they saw what was happening on their screen. Everyone was scared of CosmicWarlord, except one mighty player. MitBlade. MitBlade was the only player ever to have defeated me. If anyone could defeat him, it would be him.

As soon as he joined, I told him to charge at CosmicWarlord. He was hesitant, thinking he would die, but I assured him we can beat him. He agreed, and charged at him with full force. At the last minute, CosmicWarlord used his ability, giving him a wave of magic energy, which knocked MitBlade to the very corner of the map. I went behind CosmicWarlord and began attacking him. MitBlade began to cry for help. I ignored him and kept attacking CosmicWarlord.

CosmicWarlord laughed. “Go ahead, cry. Cry while you watch your friends die. Cry while I grow stronger. Cry while I destroy every part of sword battle land.”

MitBlade was crying, begging for help. CosmicWarlord turned to him and said, “Disconnect now. Don’t waste your life on a trying to kill me.”

Before we knew it, MitBlade disconnected. We lost our teammate. It was just me and CosmicWarlord. I felt defeated. I didn’t want to lose. I couldn’t let my team down.

“Why don’t you join forces with me?” CosmicWarlord asked.

“No way!” I shouted. “We will continue to fight.”

He smiled at me. “Alright then, have fun in heaven.”

I was angry. He had no respect. No respect at all. I was frustrated. The rage built inside me, and I started to attack CosmicWarlord even harder. He blocked every blow I landed on him. He was better than me. There’s no doubt about it. He must have been using some kind of hack or cheat.

“Give up. Just give up,” CosmicWarlord taunted me.

But I wouldn’t. I refused to give up. I kept hacking and slashing at him. I was determined. I was going to prove he was wrong. I had learned so much, and I was going to use it. This was my chance to shine. I was going to show everyone how much I had grown as a swordsman.

I attacked him again, and he blocked it easily. I was getting tired. Every second that passed was a struggle.

Suddenly, I felt my health bar drop below 20%. I won’t win. I had failed. My friends will be disappointed in me. They will laugh at me for losing.

My anger grew. I wanted to log off and save myself. I had already given up. I was done. But I kept playing, and suddenly I realized why I loved swordbattle.

The thrill of winning was addictive. The rush of becoming the strongest in the world was intoxicating. I loved the thrill of that I would get if I beat Cosmic. I called MitBlade once again. This time, I told him to grow stronger, while I defend CosmicWarlord. He agreed, and started collecting coins.

CosmicWarlord grew impatient. He taunted me. “Are you having fun yet? Are you enjoying yourself? It looks like you’re having a hard time. Why don’t you give up now?”

“Shut up!”

“Now it’s your time to d-”, he suddenly stopped in the middle of his sentence

I looked back, and saw MitBlade came out of nowhere and started hitting Cosmic at lightning speed. I was stunned to see such an amazing warrior.

Soon, Cosmic was at 10% health, and then 5%. I was amazed to see what I had achieved. I was the only one left to keep him alive until the end.

CosmicWarlord was running, and then, he disappeared.

“What a coward”, I said and laughed, then smiled at MitBlade

He smiled back.

We split the coins that Cosmic left behind, and enjoyed the rest of our day.


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