The one time Zarooma stabbed me

It was midnight. I was playing I was fighting a player named zarooma. Even with his weird name, he was en excellent swordsman. I needed to kill him fast, or else it would be the end of my game. My parents stood behind me, watching. I told them this was the last game, then I would go to bed. It had been 3 hours since they asked that. I could tell they secretly wanted me to die.

“You will never beat the best! And you are not even good!” zarooma said. “I am going to win.” He swung his sword at me, and I dodged. But before I did, I swung my own sword. Then we both attacked each other in a flurry of sword swings and dodges. After many minutes, he finally hit me. The damage was huge. I died instantly. My thousands of coins, all dropped for zarooma to collect.

My parents looked at each other and smiled.

“Time for bed!”


I know everyone wanted a short story! So here you go.

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Yeah everyone had like these huge essays while this was all zarooma got


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oh u should read cosmic stroy

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At least zarooma wasn’t a coward like cosmic (in the story)

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It’s all good it is at good story

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