The REAL reason why angel left

Sad how everyone’s leaving, I think I can revive the forum with my stories, let’s see :D

For years ANGEL was the best swordbattle player, then suddenly, out of nowhere, she announced that she was going to leave. The community was sad, with the post amassing 20+ likes within a day. She stated that she is leaving because the game got boring… but no, that’s not the real reason.

The real reason:
ANGEL got up early and logged on to swordbattle like any other day. She expected to she her friends in the game but no, she saw piles and piles of coins scattered around the map, her friends corpses… Near them, a player with a scythe was laughing. Angel looked at the player and frowned.

“What have you done?” She said.

“I’m Alex, I joined yesterday. From now on, I’m the best player. You can either leave, or stay and be destroyed!”

Angel laughed and immediately grabbed her sword and sliced Alex. A deep red line appeared on his chest, and he fell to the ground. He immediately stood back up and threw his sword at Angel. She quickly dodged.

“Noob. You don’t even know how to fight” Angel smirked

Alex was enraged and called his friend, a famous streamer. Little did angel know what she was about to face. Instantly 30 players joined the server, all
equipped with the same sword.

Angel had no chance of winning, and she still tried. She called her friends, but the streamer bribed everyone with swordbattle coins and they all backstabbed her. The fight lasted hours, and eventually ANGEL’s arms were so tired that she gave up and left.

The next day ANGEL announced that she was leaving swordbattle. But only a few of her friends know, that this is not true. You see, ANGEL is building a huge army to take on the streamer. She called her only remaining loyal friends, and they are all “faking” leaving the game.

In reality, they are all training in an island, far away from the streamer. ANGEL is not leaving, she is plotting her revenge.



Maybe I am maybe I am not.

What you are saying is completely wrong, ANGEL would never do that, plus, I'm a loyal friend, am i not?

Shhh, don’t worry ANGEL, the spies have got this


i kinda want angle to stay:(

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if anything if u leave i should take over ur acc

just no

the dis :man_vampire:

is acol angels friend cuz then (he/she idk in this crazy world anymore) would also survive til that point or higher

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wait a minute… if u called ur friends but i never got a message…

maybe yer not angel’s friend hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

i am with you, i will never betray the best swordbattle player


i will never betray angel


it dosent work out well XD

Yall chill it’s just a story and if this happens irl easy I’ll just threaten /bribe y’all back on my side:)


It would have to be a really big bribe, and I would still probably be on your side.!

Yoooooo Ig I’m part of the plan :) because I was off for a LONNNNNG time

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that’s a really really good story-LOP

angel chill-LOP

i also am planning revenge on someone

Me: me getting ready to end this nonsense