The return of Dillon


It’s been quite a while, but I’m back. Some of you may remember me as a previous moderator, some may have forgotten me and I imagine a lot of you will have joined after I left.

So, why did I leave?

Short answer: Real life and other commitments.

Long answer: I live in the UK and am in Year 11, which is the year we take our GCSEs. I’ve been really busy with revising, catching up on missed work, and haven’t really had time for a lot of my own things, nevermind a project that’s not mine. I’ve also been busy with Replit Reps stuff and trying to make some of my own projects.

So… why am I returning now?

Well, my emails keep getting flooded with notifications which makes me feel a little guilty… I also never really decided to leave, it just happened. I’m going to try to be more active and that applies both to the forum and in-game.

@ManagePasswords has suggested trying to contribute to v2. As much as I would like to, I’m nowhere near good enough for that and am unfamiliar with the tech used (phaser). And, I hate TS.

However, I am going to try to learn more about JS & TS so I may be able to contribute in the future. (If you want me to ofc @gautam)

Am I returning for good?

Maybe. I still have a lot of revision to do and my GCSEs are coming up in May/June. After that, I’ll have a lot more time, but for now I can’t say how active I’ll be.

TLDR: I’m going to try to be more active but no promises!

Happy battling!

DillonB07 (aka Dillon)

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Welcome back! i’ve always wondered where you were during this time, even though I did see your occasional stuff on replit.

It would be amazing if you could help with Swordbattle v2, nobody (not even me) is an expert at the technologies, we are all learning by the process. Let me know if you’re interested though, I can help you get set up.


Of course not!

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thinking back, i do remember you, but at first, when i first heard your name after a while, I forgot who you were… :/

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Definitely interested, though as I mentioned in the post, I don’t have loads of free time. I also don’t really know TypeScript, though I am starting an FCC course to learn it! So, maybe I could help out once I’ve finished that and understand the language more.


No commitment! You can contribute as much, and whenever you want. No harm if you just decide to take a long break from coding.

That’s not a huge deal currently, I didn’t “properly” learn TS as well, I just started working on stuff and got the hang of it. It’s super simple, and if things aren’t working, you can just use the all type and call it a day :laughing: . There is also a few other people working on this mainly @mollthecoder and @scotch101tape , and I’m sure we cna help.


I only know you because your credited in the github, lol


no clue you even existed

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Welcome Back Dillon!


i only know you cause of replit and reading though github


Yaya you’re back we missed you Dillon!
Oh and finally another person from the uk time zone it’s always been lonely in the mornings!


I don’t think I’ll be able to give you company @Wasd :neutral_face:. I’m only really on between 16:00-20:00 on weekdays and 15:00-20:00 on weekends. Never mornings, sorry!

Glad to see people remember me, didn’t expect this many people.


I’m new here,so no,I don’t

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Maybe a little bit…. But after a while I forgot about you