The saddest thing ever. :(

It’s blocked. I can no longer play it. :(


He did look at the URL
Screenshot 2022-11-12 8.15.56 AM

I sed herokuapp2


Gimme some time to find more


Sprry i meant

oh sorry

its a coding website, thats where i play swordbattle.
i think @gautam made the game from replit, but im not sure.


Yea he did

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oh hi again

He wanted to win a competition to win but he sadly failed

He then made spicywar where won 1000dollars

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oh, i remeber the spicy competition, he made

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ye thats what i said

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He didn’t make it in replit

Then how how was it on replit?

He had it embedded in

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Ooooooh ok then that makes sense

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