The SB forum war chapter 1

Chapter one: 3RG3R’s life

It was a regular depressing day for 3RG3R, he cried over his brothers and bi-polar mom, again, at home. Earlier that day in school a girl kept on moaning every time she passed him. He decided to chat shadowblade to talk about his problems when he saw a post by gautam. It was titled “ in real life, survive for 1,000,000 dollars.” 3RG3R skimmed through the post not really reading much, like he normally does. He found it odd that there was only a sign up and not a place, date, or time. He wanted to share the news with shadowblade. Hey shadow! Hi 3R! Did you hear about the contest Gautam is hosting? What contest? 3RG3R refreshed the page and saw it was closed and unlisted, he also noticed it was posted 2 minutes ago. He copied the link and pasted it into the chat. Here, . Hmm, that’s strange, he normally does not unlist his own posts. I know right, should we sign up? Sure, I Guess. Shadowbalde and 3RG3R signed up without reading that if you die in this competition, you will die in real life.

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when it happens like that

Correct this :skull: :shoot:


What does that mean is it bad?

its true, it was just weird

Shadowbald 先輩


The “bald” part caught my eye, triggered some unpleasant memories from school :skull: (where I have been, and still am, called bald for getting buzzcuts)

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