The sb war Chapter 11

Chapter 11: first flag

While the teams were discussing there plan, the game already started, 3RG3R and Lewcantoucan were on defense for team red. Lewcantoucan asked 3RG3R “let me die, I got almost everybody in this mess, if anybody should be the first to die, it should be me. I believe you can win, ik you can, don’t let me down.” Lewcantoucan tagged a few players while 3RG3R rested by a tree. 3RG3R was supposed to tag wasd, but he let him steal the flag. Gautam called the first goal. “Team red’s flag was stolen!” Everybody back to their base! Meanwhile on team green Meomaranti wanted the same thing as 3RG3R. He let a person pass and take the flag, but Penguin tagged him and yelled at meomaranti.

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