The servers in

So i play swordbattle alot and i noticed that the US server is always down but only for me I wanted to see if anyone else had this problem and if anyone knew how to fix it.

Thxs plz leave answers in comments below

It’s not down for me, anyone else having this issue?

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i do. Also @potatolord, what timezone are you in?

i am in the US and live in the state of Virginia and it is 9:38 Am at the time of this post

it’s 8:39 here.

for me, it’s 8:58 you’re in the same time zone as me Hamm

were yall live country wise and if the US wht state

Minnesota, why?

so i can find you

I have to do math now…

Schools are able to block anything with “game” topic on it. Have you ever tried going on swordbattle at your house?


litterly everyday

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So USA and US2 is always down at your house, school, car rides, etc?

idk about car rides but eveything with internet yeah

i live in :nauseated_face: Missouri :nauseated_face:

im comeing for you

Yummy! :yum:

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no comment honestlly

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It will say offline but its not : l

I never have any problem with swordbattle in the least. it works perfectly fine untill i have 100,000 and i’m being chased. then it decides to lag just in time for me to die.

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