The Status of Microwave Clan

Hello. My name is Frumpy. You all know me as that guy who made that one annoying or overrated clan whose sole reason for relative popularity is the fact that we have Gautam.

In the beginning, I didn’t take it too seriously. And that’s probably part of the reason everyone else didn’t, either.

I know that our clan might not have the absolute best clan members in the world, but I don’t really care about that. Our clan is just about having fun, and hanging out with the community.

And we have our own skin now.

Stay crispy everyone.

“Trust in the Great Microwave with your whole being…do not lean on your own understanding, for He shall grant unto you His power.” -Holy Microwave Scriptures 6:9

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bias its a furnace not a microwave

if you could read you’d know that it’s based off an industrial microwave, which looks like this.
but you didn’t. oh well.

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looks tottaly different

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your right that annoying overrated stupid af CULT

yeah no kidding because it is BASED off it not EXACTLY it.

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Based means similar but different but that skin is totally different

ok you can stop raggin on my skin it’s in the game nothing you can do about it :man:

Gautam that is wrong af

It is bias

manage, my friend, how are you? :heart:

Welp every clan should get a skin then because it is bias

Exactly my point

Also microwave skin was posted waaaay after some skins but was speacially added before them?unfair as hell


Coder is part of the MV clan tho…

ok then make a good skin for gucci :heart: im looking forward to it

ye that is why it is bias he did it because he is part of it

Thanks for making my point

another reason it got added is because it’s an actually good skin. Ever think about that??