the story of the shadow in the desert

it was a dark time in thy sword battle lands. It has not rained for months everyone is getting worried that it is the end of swordbattle (writer’s note hope that never happens). But in all of this, a very brave not as cool as me player name @desertshadow still had hope. If anything he might be the hero. As a young kid he been training all his life hoping that one day he’ll be needed.

And his wish came true.

In all this a @Storm was brewing with rage. but he wasn’t planing on make it rain. then one day our city detective (aka me) started to investigate into all of this as storm slowly got closer to the ground and the boom he was there.

so since our detective was some where else desertshadow went to talk to storm.

“Yo y haven’t u made it rain if u don’t this place is to become a desert with me as it’s shadow.” said desert shadow

“DO U THINK I CARE?” said storm

And soon the started to fight. desertshadow was not the best evol for this match but he can still win with strat. storm was warrior and desert was knight. And then they were off. storm got first hit it was a threw sword so did barely anything but still had knockdack knock desert in a bot of witch start to roach desert but desert mange to throw his sword and knock the bot away. then storm got mad and went super big making desert go flying.

After storm’s ability was up desert did some quick thinking and knocked storm into the corner.

“It is over. do u give up?” said desert

NO NEVER said storm

then desert go vroom vroom and got him low.

OK I give said storm

to little to late and with that desert threw his sword at storm finishing him off. and all the rain started to appeared. As a reward our detective and the creator (aka coder) came to give desertshadow a metel and
Thank u for saving swordbattle I cant image what would happen if u didn’t save it. me and coder said

NP said desert and there was a big speech he had and bluh bluh bluh ( I got bored)

copyrighted @2022
hope u enjoyed oh also I little bout my self I don’t want to write when I get older I want to be a singer


i bet you are a good singer like Britney spears

I didn’t know I was evil, lol. Also, the funny thing is, I almost never use warrior evol. I like knight better.


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