The Sussy Update

i contemplated posting this absolute shtpost or not.
15 times…
well whatever add this gautam or i’m gonna scare you with “behind you” and then actually pull up?!?!?

I have played a grand total of maybe 15 times.
I can say that I’m a total master of the game and such for hahas, but nah. I’ll be blunt, I’m total ass at swordbattle, players like Angel, Acol, Wasd, they’re essentially gods in the community and the game, just check the leaderboards, but my pathetic existence to these absolute monsters does not mean I do not know what is best for swordbattle.
Biology Task Create… or Intercourse, something that has existed from the very start, and has manifested in our current generation as good and bad things.
Think of it as the yin and yang orb, this time we focus on the good, because it will bring peace to the swordbattle, not just in a story telling, but the actual game.
For years, all we have done. Click, and click. Then, a projectile that defies the very physics we made up, or a sword that swings the exact same velocity, just for some funny circle battling. Go on swordbattle right now, attack something random, anything, does it feel real to you? No? It shouldn’t, because it’s not, and changing the mechanics for bleed, organs, and such, won’t do anything. And they don’t need to, this is fine (still gross, but fine). We also have to take into account the quality of the game, right now, it’s at some low, even though this zenith of an update has been anticipated for so long (v2), we strive to make something with high quality, and you already know what you can add to make it such high quality.

I won’t say it a ton in this topic but we already know what that is.
Either way, add it to swordbattle, any form, a skin, mechanic, or even vital progression point. Lets analyze the milliseconds in that sword swing, first it leaves from its glued position to our legendary test subject, virtually no wind is created, and it doesn’t pierce anybody, but it does damage anyways.
So much thought put into this, when you experience it you reach an absolute zenith and enter the realm of aether where you sit in awe for a few seconds.

So much said with just that swing, a forum, a community, a leaderboard, friendship, all of it contained with one fake swing.
Now, just do it for “that”.
The game will immediately become of god tier.

add it to swordbattle cuz yes it’d be cool game mechanic

this is even more cringy than rogers story.
either way, it’s a good feature

im getting a relapse just from writing this

holy wtf why did i write this

AP Biology Create Task

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very tru


this is the suggestion for the developers to add intercourse, not a story.


:fearful: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Guys im adding the realmz hammer to swordbattle next update

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I had to read it twice to understand uhhhhh

What was it about? I can’t be bothered to read it


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Look man you were warned there is a disclaimer at the top

IDK understand this wall of text WTF!!! but +1 to the DEV for installing hammer next update- Excited :exclamation:

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